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Sponsorship of the company HANT BA, a.s.

Besides its business activities, the construction company HANT BA, a.s. makes an effort in the development of a social life in its surroundings. That is why we use sponsoring activities to promote various areas of culture in the life of children and adults.

HANT BA, a.s. has enabled, for several years, for the public to participate in various cultural, social and sports events organised in The HANT Arena, thus offering them a way to effectively spend their free time. Our goal is to increase standards of living and to support the development of the cultural environment in which we operate. Therefore, in addition to respecting ethical standards and contributing to sustainable economic development, we wish to improve the social life of the citizens of our country.
Sponsorship of activities for children, as well as cultural and sports activities is considered to be an integral part of the corporate life of our company. Our support contributed to the organisation of numerous social, sports and cultural events at The HANT Arena, many more events designed for the general public are already being planned and supported.

In addition to its sponsorship of cultural projects, the construction company HANT BA, a.s. represents a solid partner in sports. Culture and sport has one thing in common in Slovakia, and that is the lack of finances. We therefore decided to invest into one of the most popular collective sports in the Central European Region - Ice Hockey. Our official partnership with the Hockey Club HK 36 Skalica enables its existence and helps support the development of the smallest hockey club in the Slovak Ice-Hockey League – The Slovak Extraliga.
When supporting sport, HANT BA, a.s. has taken into consideration one of the most financially demanding sports sectors – Motoring. In this context we can mention the sponsorship of Štefan Svitko through the prestigious Rally Dakar.
The construction company HANT BA, a.s. believes, that through its activities in the field of sport sponsorship it helps to show our youth culture the right direction, especially as their possibilities for using their free time effectively in small towns are often limited. We care about a good quality of environment and a healthy lifestyle, which has led us to become proud partners of the aforementioned projects. We hope that you will welcome our efforts and support them by your presence at locally and nationally organised events.

Yours truly,
Ing. Peter Klenovič

We have realized

Trenčín, Distribučné centrum Coop Jednota

Trenčín, Brnianska 6

Investor: Coop Jednota Trenčín,SD

Investment: 3 690 859,25 €
Liptovksý Mikuláš, Dom nábytku Idea, now OZC RGB Liptov

Liptovský Mikuláš, Kamenné pole 4449/3

Investor: BKS-Leasing a.s.

Investment: 7 227 277,00 €
Košice, Construction of Research centre of progressive materials and technologies Košice - ÚPJŠ

Park Angelinum 9, Košice

Investor: Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika, Košice

Investment: 1 785 654,00 €
Bratislava, production plant Garay

Bratislava, Devínska Nová Ves, Opletalova ulica, Priemyselný areál

Investor: DNV park s.r.o.

Investment: 2 068 393,25 €
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