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Dubnica nad Váhom, Extention of operation and production plant

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Investor Spoločnosť Kováč s.r.o.
Address Spoločnosť Kováč s.r.o. Mladých budovateľov 4025/20 01841 Dubnica nad Váhom
Investment 669 755,00 €
Finished 31.07.2013
Description The construction of the extension of an existing factory situated in Dubnica nad Váhom, belonging to the Kováč s.r.o. company, processing flat glass and producing insulating glass, consisted of two single-floor over ground hall buildings. The SO 200 – production and despatch hall is the dominant building. The SO 201 building forms a connection between the planned and the existing production hall.

The SO200 building includes two cranes with capacity of 5,0t. The length of the hall is 57.8m axially and the width is 77.8m axially. The span of the crane is 21.85m. The bearing system of the hall consists of steel frame fixed into reinforced concrete pad foundations. The external cladding is made of façade sandwich polyurethane panels 100mm thick. The roof consists of polystyrene sheets EPS 100, 60 and 80mm thick and waterproofing foil 1.5mm thick, located on a trapezoidal metal sheet. The floor of the hall is made of a machine finished fibre reinforced concrete topped with PANBEX.
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