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Industrial structures

Industrial structures represent optimal building constructions offering flexible solutions, considering not only the present but also the future growth of society.

Industrial structures by HANT BA

HANT offers sophisticated and flexible solutions that will make your beginning easier or help the further growth of your business. Our turnkey Industrial structures will take into consideration your requirements while offering new possibilities.

The construction company HANT BA has built structures for both industrial and commercial use, such as:
  • Production halls
  • Assembly halls
  • Warehouses
  • Logistics centres
If you are interested in other types of industrial buildings, feel free to contact us, together we are sure to find a suitable solution.

Flexibility in design enables us to create industrial structures to match your wishes. From utility lines, through the technical and technological equipment of buildings, to landscaping – HANT will take care of everything. From the project documentation, through engineering, to the final inspection, HANT’s services will provide all of this. The ideal solution is always the result of various factors, and HANT can assist with correctly identifying these in the project preparation phase.

The newest technologies and materials are essential for appropriate thermal and acoustic properties and durability. In addition to their qualitative design, Industrial structures built by HANT BA are also modern buildings respecting the environment of which they are always a part.

If any client is interested in the long-term financing of an industrial structure or a logistics centre, HANT BA will mediate an efficient solution.

Industrial structures – see reference.

We have realized

Považská Bystrica, AB Hliny

Hliny 1412, Považská Bystrica

Investor: HANT BA,a.s.

Investment: 91 107,00 €
City library Piešťany-construction works,boiler room and lift

Piešťany, Školská 19

Investor: City of Piešťany

Investment: 599 245,31 €
Považská Bystrica, Obytný súbor. Kukučínova ul.

Kukučínova ulica, Považská Bystrica

Investor: Mesto Považská Bystrica

Investment: 2 588 823,00 €
Skalica, prístavba Protherm - kancelárie

Jurkovičova 45, 909 01 Skalica

Investor: Protherm Production s.r.o.

Investment: 525 000,00 €
HANT BA, a.s.
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017 07 Považská Bystrica
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