HANT BA, a.s.


For HANT BA, a.s. engineering doesn’t mean just the construction itself. HANT offers complex services related to the realisation of your project, beginning with primary studies and architectural design, through all the necessary project documentation, together with engineering and securing the necessary permits for construction, building of the shell construction, right up to finishing the interiors and exteriors of the building. Construction company HANT will handle all the necessary issues related to your building, allowing you to relax.

Engineering in HANT BA

Construction company HANT BA focuses on engineering in the areas of civil and structural engineering of various types and sizes of buildings. HANT BA will provide you with:
  1. Structural engineering
    • Industrial structures
    • Logistics centres
    • Apartment houses
    • Office buildings
    • Commercial centres
  2. Civil engineering structures
    • Road constructions
    • Water works and water management structures
    • Eco-friendly structures
Experienced professionals, high quality machinery and modern technologies lay down sound bases necessary for reliable engineering. Construction company HANT BA represents the highest standard of engineering without worries.

Some like to build castles in the air. HANT builds on a sound and solid basis.

We have realized

Bratislava-Polianky, Autoservis SlovLADA

Bratislava, Polianky 11

Investor: SlovLADA spol. s r.o.

Investment: 1 670 749,75 €
Michalovce, Rekonštrukcia zimného štadióna

Športová, 071 01 Michalovce-Stráňany

Investor: Mesto Michalovce

Investment: 1 973 546,00 €
Skalica, TESCO

Skalica, Mallého 57

Investor: CF INVEST - Skalica s.r.o.

Investment: 3 802 314,50 €
Bratislava, Trnavská cesta, Omnipolis

Bratislava, Trnavská cesta 100

Investor: OMNIA Real s.r.o.

Investment: 11 522 582,00 €
HANT BA, a.s.
Hliny 1412
017 07 Považská Bystrica
tel.: 042 432 51 76
fax: 042 426 02 33
e-mail: hant-ba@hant-ba.sk
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