HANT BA, a.s.

Declaration of the CEO

Sometimes you find something that reminds you of your history, your friends, your memories. It can be an old photograph, a post card from a holiday or just a simple object lying somewhere in a heap of useless, forgotten things. What reminded me of the good old times was a sheet of paper, some years ago, where we wrote down the first visions and goals of HANT BA, a.s.

The company HANT s.r.o. was created in 1993, and later on it transformed into the HANT BA, a.s. company. That was when we started to change the dream and our vision into reality. The years galloped by and we managed to overcome all odds, partially thanks to you, our clients. A memory like this always forces us to stop and think, to evaluate and see whether we really reached all of our goals. In the case of the construction company HANT BA, a.s. I can proclaim: “Dear clients, the mission is accomplished, but for us, it is never over...”.

Every setback made us work even harder and each success was a sign that we were moving the right direction. The positive signs became more frequent and we joined the elite club of the best of the best in the field of construction in The Slovak Republic. HANT BA, a.s. realises complex solutions in the area of development – building and road constructions, turnkey projects, from project documentation to the registration within official offices, we provide a selection of suitable locations, purchase plots of land and then prepare them for building construction. As the happiness of our clients is the most important factor, we focus on quality. To maintain high quality standards, we have created a top team of young professionals who have obtained all the necessary certificates and licenses proving their competence.

But we have achieved more. The most important change is the change within ourselves, that happened slowly throughout the years. We have changed, and I believe that we have changed for the better. We learned to understand the needs of our clients, to see their goals and objectives through their eyes, we have evolved to cooperate on a higher level.

Whatever goals we set in the past, today, we have new ones. Our main goal is to continuously increase the quality of our services and our ability to understand your needs, and to transfigure your vision into high quality buildings, thus realising your objectives in unison with your ideas.

Ing. Peter Klenovič

We have realized

Senec, Logistické centrum


Investor: TNI SK, s.r.o.Bratislava

Investment: 2 016 240,00 €
Košice, Construction of Research centre of progressive materials and technologies

Watsonova 45, Košice

Investor: Slovenská akadémia vied , Bratislava

Investment: 5 231 154,00 €
Dunajská Streda. Electronics shop ANDREA SHOP

Dunajská Streda, Malé Dvorníky 603

Investor: František Vangel - ANDREA SHOP

Investment: 1 378 656,00 €
Nesvady, Reconstruction of primary school


Investor: Village Nesvady

Investment: 724 927,50 €
HANT BA, a.s.
Hliny 1412
017 07 Považská Bystrica
tel.: 042 432 51 76
fax: 042 426 02 33
e-mail: hant-ba@hant-ba.sk
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